D-RMABPsi Community Forum

Trust Issues Pertaining to the COVID -19 Vaccination

Robert L. Atwell, PsyD
Past ABPsi National President
Deborah Wilcox, PhD
Chief Executive Officer Confluency
Consultants & Associates
Juanita Metoyer, M.S.
D-RMABPsi Member
COVID-19 Survivor
Meraj Abdul-Qadir
COVID-19 Survivor
Brother Jeff
Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center
Publisher and Editor, 5 STAR NEWS
Dr. Rhonda Coleman, DAOM
Licensed Massage Therapist (MT) and Acupuncturist (L.Ac.)
Terri Richardson, M.D.
Internist Kaiser Permanente, Colorado and Vice Chair, Colorado Black Health Collaborative (CBHC)
Robin Bruce, BSN
President, Colorado Council of Black Nurses Inc.
Johnny Johnson, M.D.
Johnny Williams, MPH
Study Manager-University of Colorado
Anschutz Campus CBHC Volunteer

Critical Community Forum

Without a doubt, our world and sense of normalcy has drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people of African descent hold mistrust of the government and medical profession due to America’s infamous history of involuntary medical experimentation, medical apartheid, and ongoing systemic health inequities. You are invited you to engage in a critical community discussion on trust issues pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccination. Expert panelists will provide differing perspectives and information to encourage participants to conduct their own due diligence in reaching their vaccination decision.

Contact us at:
Email: info@denverrmabpsi.org
Website: Denverrmabpsi.org
FaceBook: Denver-Rocky Mountain Association of Black Psychologists
P.O. Box 3171 Denver, CO 80201

Held January 16, 2021

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